When flexi leashes become a myth.
— Camp Canis

The Story

Camp Canis is base camp and meeting point for adventurers on two legs and four paws. Here, friends and strangers meet in order to break into the wilderness together.  This is where your challenge starts, where trails to unknown begin, where teams discuss the best tactics, where man-dog-teams prepare and start to run towards the adventure. And here we celebrate those who succeed. Those who return with the solutions of the mystery in their dirty hands, with laughing faces, proudly swollen breast and for a grin spoiled flews.


Your Mission

No place for lone warriors. If you want to survive the Camp Canis Challenge you need a team to rely on. A team of humans and dogs. Together you start for a miles long adventure through nature, on a trail, which has to be detected, over obstacles which undermine your muscles (sometimes also the risible muscles), along tasks which demand not only concentration but also smart cookie. And through mud, sludge and dirt. Find the solution of the mystery and then find the way back.


The Mystery

The Camp Canis Challenge is decorated with mysteries, questions and tasks. If you solve them right you'll move right. Your challenge starts directly after your registration. Be prepared. Without the solution at the day of the daysa return to the Camp will be impossible.


The Tasks

Condition | Coordination | Smart Cookie | Control | Cooperation | Communication

The tasks and obstacles originate from this six scopes which has to be overcome. Support your dog. Follow his instincts. Protect him and cooperate with him. Trust each other. Be cool together. Have fun. Complement one another. This applies also for you and your team collegues. Be a team with a common goal: the solution of the mystery and an unforgettable day. This is no place for elbows. This is enough space for teamplay and respect. Very welcome - feel well and at home in the nature and enjoy the challenge.


Camp Canis Code of Honor

§ 1 You respect, understand and know your dog and his needs so he has the feeling that you are the best home for him. 

§ 2 You respect nature, enter with care and leave it clean.

§ 3 You come across with others in a way, that they will be happy to see you again.