If the way to the goal is no way.
— Camp Canis



Camp Canis relinquish from rankings, first places and time measurements. Focus of the event is teamplay, fun and overcoming of limits. We appreciate ambition and courage but we react gruff if you don't agree on limits with your dog.



Your dog is full-grown and minimum 12 months old. He is healthy, fit and motivated. And in best-case this is confirmed by your vet.


Friends of Race Lists

Camp Canis is free from theoretical drawers. With us are starting mixed-bloods or dogs of any kind of race. Important: the control of anything what happens rests with you and not with your dog. For the matter he makes wholes he wears a muzzle. We don't give a tinker's damn if he is a Chihuahua or a Pitbull. Further instructions depend on the location.




  • carting harness
  • collar
  • if necessary: muzzle


The carting harness is a special harness which leads the pressure arised from pulling to the right places of dogs body. Be fair with your dog and get an expert consultation if you start your career in Canicross by now.

Some tips you will find at the Berlin Hauptstadt Canicross, at the experts of dogsport-company or at Uwe Radant.

The Camp Canis trails betweenn obstacles and taskd will be connected via Canicross. For climbing, juggling, crawling or whatever expects you a collar is necessary. Via harness it is impossible to lead the dog. Start without collar is forbidden.


Dogs with Handicaps and Fragrance

Handicaps are very welcome. Camp Canis will be excited to have a handicapped team at the start. Therefore we create the short trail.

Bitches are neither in heat nor good smelling. Good looking is allowed.

Inoculations & Insurance



A guilty anti-rabies inoculation is required as well as a chip and a dog insurance. Everything will be controlled before start.