When mind is silent and dopamine is dancing.
— Camp Canis


Camp Canis is for every boy and every girl. The distances (approx. 5, 10 und 15 km) were choosen to satisfy athletic beginners as well as ambitious runners. Expect that adrenalin will carry you one kilometer further than during your training in your own front garden. But choose your distance wisely for you and your team. Fun instead of frustration. Next year you'll take 5 more.


Age and Equipment

Age: 12 till endless. Minors will be accompanied by adults.


  • bungee leash, extractes max 2,5 meters long
  • panic snap (rule)
  • runners belt

We recommend a runners belt with leg straps. Belts which are only looped around the hips tend to disappear direction armpit. This won't happen with leg straps.



A team consists of minimum two maximum six persons. Full stop.

Your are willing to jump together with your dog through mud and dirt, to scramble over obstacles, wade water and throw the arms in the air reaching the goal. Your are only missing a team?

Have a look on our facebook page. There you'll meet like-minded persons of your home zone. Build a team and start common training to be ready at the day of the days.